About Us

Who We Are

Marking another revolutionary milestone, in the history of Sri Lankan Percussion Art. Sharing the rhythm of humanity witnessed the incipience of “Thuryaa” the first ever women s’ drums ensemble in Sri Lanka.

Seeded within the walls of University of the Visual and Performance Arts, the ensemble was formed with 9 talented under graduate minds. Shaping with the essences of Kandiyan, Low country & Sabaragamu the tri tradition of the Sri Lankan percussion art mixing with offshore percussion music we set our path on a colorful effort to research innovate and create a unique masterpiece.

Along the way, enrolling as the first female student in percussion music department of the U.V.P.A Sithara gained an opportunity to expose her self in to learning and mastering the art of drumming, which had very little or no feminine involvement inside the traditional circle at the time.

From time of ancestors The traditional art of Sri Lankan drumming is based within the confinement of men and has always been out of reach of the feminine touch, but a beat something that has no boundaries from the very first moment she fell in love, and wanted to dig deeper in the untouched rhythm embrace it and create an art mixing it with a little bit of famine wave, hence born the new quest.

With the guidance and support of Sriyan Chandrasekara, lecturer in Tabla, the stepping stone has been laid forming the team under the leadership of Sithara and 8 more enthusiastic, energetic young female students with the talent of percussion music who came four corners of the island.

Going beyond the conceptual boundaries of the contemporary percussion music trend into a new dimension “Thuryaa” spearheaded themselves to touch emotions with a new theme “Share the rhythm of humanity” hence created the foundation to a new journey.